Mindology Fitness Kids is a fun, effective and accessible whole-body, mind and spirit fitness program for children ages 3-12. The program integrates a sprinkling of original, mind-healing techniques with a hefty dose of science-based techniques designed to ensure optimal mental health and well-being.


Bring your child to experience a 45-minute Mindology Fitness class that uses science-based healing techniques to encourage clarity, alignment & coherence. Kids are encouraged to bring a problem to class to resolve.


Can’t make it to one of our classes? Have one of our Mindology Fitness trainers come to you! Now you can host a Mindology Fitness class in your home, church or place of business for your kids and their friends.


Stay up-to-date on what’s happening at Mindology Fitness by reading our blog! This is where we’ll announce new classes, training opportunities and discuss all the science behind our Mindology Fitness methodology.

“Our bodies can change our minds, our minds can change our behavior, our behavior can change our outcome."


- Dr. Amy Cuddy, Social Psychologist



If you are a school, a business or a teacher committed to supporting kids with the learning of science-based, emotion regulation skills and fun, problem-resolution techniques, Mindology Fitness Kids may be the perfect addition to your regimen or curriculum.

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