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Mindology Fitness Kids offers global, remote business opportunities for parents, individual trainers, schools, teachers and childcare providers committed to empowering the minds of children.


The program is specifically designed to be emotionally engaging and psychologically impactful for kids. While participating in the program, kids are given the tools they need to emotionally self-regulate and to ensure their peace of mind is in their hands at all times.

Learn from the Founder

 "With the right coach, mental fitness can actually be a lot fun."   Coach, Troy                    - 

Become a Mindology Fitness  Kids trainer in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace using our Automated Training Program.  


CEO & Founder, Coach Troy has prepared a wonderful pre-recorded training program that will help you take your teaching skills to the next level.  Coach Troy is an emotion regulation expert, a certified HeartMath trainer and  holds a doctorate in clinical psychology.  She began her career in the child care industry at the ripe age of four as one of the original cast members on the PBS hit series, "Sesame Street".   

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