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Mindology Fitness Kids Basics  (MFKB) Video 25 mins


This 25-minute streamable mindfulness exercise class is designed to establish total Body, Mind, and Spirit coherence for children ages 3-12.  This class for kids is predominately taught by kids with special appearances from the animated Shrink characters. 



During the first 10 minutes of class, the children focus on cardio, right brain/left brain activation, stimulating the optic nerve in their eyes, kidney, and organ massage as well as using their bodies to shake away unwanted fears while organically resetting their Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). 



The second part of the class focuses on quieting and releasing clutter from the mind through meditation and goal clarity using active imagination.



The last part of the class is designed to teach children how to connect and have an inner dialogue with their hearts.  This section also includes a confidence-building exercise and a laughter yoga exercise designed to organically produce feel-good hormones. 


Children complete the class with a deeper sense of Self and Super Hero confidence in their ability to organically self-soothe and disappear unwanted emotions. 

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