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SHRINKS are hip, young, and courageous mind care experts searching for individuals suffering from undesirable emotions such as anxiety, depression, self-doubt, anger, fear, hopelessness, worry, and sadness.  

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Using their unique and distinct superhero mind powers, our Shrinks physically shrink in size as they then sneak into the minds of individuals being held hostage by undesirable emotions, freeing them.  


Advocates of emotional sovereignty and self-regulation, the Shrinks then teach their patients how to organically shrink future emotional challenges using fun, effective and science-based methodologies. 

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This global mental health empowerment journey begins with 8 Shrinks (the great 8), each capable of disappearing unwanted emotions, using their individually unique superhero healing powers. Additionally, Shrinks with specific, superhero healing powers will continuously be added to our collection.





The Shrinks' number one intention is to provide their patients with the tools they need to ensure, their peace of mind is in their hands at all times. In order to fulfill this intention, each NFT purchase comes with the following purchase bonuses: 


Purchase Bonus 1:

In the spirit of community and celebration, each month, the owner of the Shrink(s) NFT will have the opportunity to participate in a global zoom call designed to deepen their ability to implement their Shrink's superhero, healing power in their daily lives. 

Purchase Bonus 2:

Each Shrink character comes with an empowering animated meditation video that they personally lead and it is consistent with their specific, superhero healing power. 

Purchase Bonus 3: 
The purchase of each Shrink NFT is also an admission ticket to the annual mind care empowerment summit hosted by Dr. Troy, Michael Beckwith & friends. 



Fifty percent of all NFT sales will go directly towards building mental health care centers for children and adults residing in underprivileged communities worldwide.


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Mental health expert, Dr. Troy holds a PsyD in clinical psychology., an MA in community psychology and she is the CEO & Founder of Mindology Fitness. 


The Shrink character illustrations are created by New York City Artist, J. Parks. 

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