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CEO & Founder of Mindology Fitness 


Mindology Fitness™ founder, Dr. Troy is a show business vet who began her career as an original cast member on the hit PBS series, Sesame Street at the ripe age of four.  By the age of eleven, she became a ward of the state and lived in foster care for two years.  Dr. Troy recalls, "as a child, I had a lot of emotional issues and little to no help.  I am absolutely certain, the mental anguish I experienced as a child is the impetus for Mindology Fitness Kids and the global, emotion regulation work I do with kids today." 


In addition to dedicating her life work to teaching children how to organically regulate undesirable emotions, Dr. Troy is a court-approved Anger Management Specialist, a certified Heart Math trainer and a master’s level Recovery and Addiction specialist    (M-RAS).  Dr. Troy holds a BA in clinical psychology, an MA in depth psychology, and a doctorate in clinical psychology from California Southern University. 

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