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"Research confirms peaceful employees are often the most productive employees.  Ninety-eight percent of all Mindology Fitness class participants report completing the class with a profound experience of inner peace and calmness." 

                                                             -Dr. Troy, Founder of Mindology Fitness 


“We have demonstrated that mindfulness-based programs can reduce stress and improve people’s health.”                             Mark Bertolini, Aetna’s chairman & CEO.

Stress in the workplace is inevitable and is clinically proven to effect the health and productivity of employees.  Mindology Fitness™ participants learn how to reduce stress, diminish experiences of overwhelm and reduce negative reactivity toward work-related stressors, threats, and challenges.  The Problem Resolution portion of the Mindology Fitness™ workout leaves empLoyees with the ability to shift their perspectives on any given problem instantly.  This sudden perspective shift allows employees to create a more positive and powerful solution to their problems in the least amount of time. In addition to the important stress reduction exercises offered during a Mindology Fitness™ workout, the meditative visualization exercises help participants to expand their creativity and the access to manifesting these new ideas with precision and surprising velocity.   




During the first 20-minutes of the Body workout, body pains are identified, emotional blocks are released, and the flow of stress hormones are gently interrupted.



The second part of the Thera-fit session is designed to clear the Mind of unwanted chatter and thoughts and ignite the feel-good hormones.



The third part of the 60-minute class is designed to dissolve toxic energy and activate Spiritual potential.

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