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Windows Defender Real Time Protection Greyed Out




exe file in the screenshot. The protection from MD5 checks failed, and the Windows Registry indicates a hash value mismatch. This is a first indication that the malware is actively trying to spread, because otherwise the data file would have already been deleted. We will now analyze the part of the malware which is responsible for downloading and executing the main payload. At first, the attackers will have to check whether the created process is a process running in a sandbox environment. If yes, it will abort. However, if the process was not launched in a sandbox, it will try to detect the presence of other sandboxed processes. For this, it will first look for the sandboxed process `Internet Explorer`. If the process is not present, it will check for the sandboxed application `Backdoor.Terminal`. If it also is not present, the process is directly started in the sandbox. The malware will also detect the presence of Sandboxie, a popular sandboxed application, and will abort if the sandboxed application is detected. If no sandboxed applications are detected, the malware will launch an instance of the sandboxed application `PING.exe`. By using this sandboxed application, it checks whether the process is actually running in a sandbox and executes the main payload if it is detected to be sandboxed. The `PING.exe` process is later deleted. Afterward, the malware will try to detect sandboxed processes. The process `PING.exe` is detected again. However, this time, the Sandboxie application is running on the computer. As a result, the malware will not execute the main payload, but instead execute the following block of code. The malware will call the function `Func2`. We assume that this function will also call the function `Func3`. This function will check whether a process has been launched, and will set the `inTask` variable to the process identifier of the launched process if it has. Finally, the malware will pass the three variables to the function `Func4`. The variable `__disableMMX` is set to `True`. This setting is made in the malware to disable hardware acceleration. Otherwise, the infected user may be forced to use a low-end CPU. This also means that the Windows Defender can’t protect against this malware, as it uses a feature which is not supported by Windows




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