Mindology Fitness Kids online offers a variety of pre-recorded meditation sessions teaching children how to regulate unwanted emotions such as anxiety, fear, depression and grief.  Each  of the 7-8 minute music filled meditations are facilitated by one of our animated Shrinks cartoon characters.  All meditations offer specific, science based exercises that are designed specifically to teach the child how to self-soothe and diminish disempowering thoughts and feelings. 

 Our New Online Platform


Your free subscription allows for unlimited access to:

7 guided meditations (Audio only)

33-minute Mindology Fitness Kids' class + Optional 15-minute fun debrief (Audio only)

11-minute Mindology Fitness Kids' class led by Founder Coach Troy (Audio & Visual



This option gives you unlimited access to:

6 guided meditations led by cartoon characters aka "the SHRINKS" (Audio & Visual) 

BONUS: 30-minute Mindology Fitness Kids' class led by Founder Coach Troy (Audio & Visual)

Learn more about the Shrinks and what the Orange plan includes HERE

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