Class Schedule

CLEAR (Body, Mind & Spirit)


CLEAR is a whole person approach that blends science-based healing techniques in a spiritual manner in order to create Body, Mind & Spirit clarity, alignment & coherence. Kids are encouraged to bring a problem to class that they would like resolve.

(45-minute class)


ATTENTION: All classes MUST be reserved online due to limited space.


Please wear ALL white to class (or light grey).

Bring yoga mat & water.

Bring a blanket or shawl.

Why do we recommend you wear all white to your Mindology Fitness class?

The design of Mindology Fitness includes elements of color therapy. From an energetic and psychological perspective, white is a color of wholeness, completion and new beginnings - all consistent with the intended results of a Mindology Fitness class. White also represents the creation of a clean slate of mind as well as purity, wholeness and completion.