A survey, published by early childhood education resource provider Teaching Strategies, shows 45% of early child educators are battling mental health challenges and burnout.  - Oct 2022

Stressed Woman

Teachers Need Care Too

Mindology Teacher Care (MTC) is a 3-hour, live, online training program designed to equip teachers with the science-based tools and practices needed to organically regulate their emotions and restore a sense of inner coherence - especially in the midst of chaos.

MTC is a stress relief and management workshop, co-created by founder of Mindology Fitness Kids, Dr. Troy (clinical psychology) and April Clemente, M.A. (early education and child development expert).

The MTC curriculum is firmly built upon 

Four Pillars of C.A.L.M. 


"Behavioral challenges are inevitable in the classroom and on the playground.  However, when utilizing the 4 pillars of C.A.L.M. teachers are able to  circumvent the emotional and psychological drains, physiologically inherent during disciplinarian interactions with young children."

                                               - Dr. Troy


CATCH - recognizing and understanding how we are psychologically designed better enables us to predict how we will respond to various situations.  With this level of recognition and understanding, we are then better able to "catch" ourselves before getting "snagged" by undesirable emotions.

ACTIVATE - with the proper information, we all have access to properly activate our physiology, specifically the neurotransmitters responsible for producing undesirable reactions. 

LEVEL - when we are able to swiftly sustain our emotional and physiological baseline, we are better able to access challenging and chaotic situations from a space of sound reason and logic.  This level of clarity serves as an empowering platform to then create specific and empowering results. 

MANIFEST - with a clear intention of the desired outcome, we have the ability to then create that outcome, free and clear from irrational and impulsive, emotional influences